Blue Tribe Coffee Introduces its French Roast Blend!

For all you dark roast coffee fans, Blue Tribe Coffee is happy to introduce it’s French Roast blend!

Like all our blends, this coffee is composed of pure SHG (Strictly High-Grown) coffee, specially selected from the best sources in Chiapas to ensure Blue Tribe Coffee quality.

This blend delivers a smokey taste as a dark or heavy roast is at odds with using coffee for its distinct origin qualities. Dark roast coffees tend to taste more like each other – as the differences due to distinct origins are obscured by the carbony roast flavors. Nontheless, some coffees are excellent at this stage and dark roasts have nonetheless become popular despite the loss of distinct bean origin taste.

More Information about Dark Roasted Coffee Beans

Sugars are heavily caramelized (read as burned) and are degraded; the woody bean structure is carbonizing and the seed continues to expand and loose mass. The body of the resulting cup will be thinner/lighter as the aromatic compounds, oils, and soluble solids are being burned out of the coffee.

Blue Tribe Coffee French Roast Blend

Altitude: 1400+ meters
Type: Arabica (typica)
Roast: French Roast
Flavor: Smoky with a fruity aftertaste

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  1. William Lorch

    I wish to order FRENCH ROAST 3 bags like i usually get an I don’t see it listed . Is there a reason for this.. Thanks Bill

    • David BB

      Hi William. You must have caught the page when it was experiencing a slight glitch. But now you should be able to order. Thanks for dropping in!

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