Blue Tribe Coffee Now Accepting Smaller Orders!

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bluetribe-weblogo-bluemix** UPDATE Jan. 03, 2015: We are now accepting orders of one bag or more!

** UPDATE Dec. 16, 2014: We are happy to announce that we’re now accepting orders of 2 bags or more! Only orders of three (3) or more bags qualify for free shipping.

Great news! Due to the outstanding response from our Grand Opening, we’ve qualified for an improved rate with our carrier.  Because of this new rate, we’re now able to accept order of 3 bags or more! This comes with free shipping!


Choose from any of our delicious selections.

Thanks for buying Blue Tribe Coffee!

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    • dbriones

      Yes we offer ground coffee as well. You can toggle the “Coffee Type” between whole beans and ground coffee on each product page.


  1. Dinah

    I am so happy I found you. My friend says your coffee is really good and I can’t find shade-grown coffee locally anywhere. Thank you!!

    • Blue Tribe Coffee

      We’re glad you found us as well! Enjoy your delicious shade-grown coffee!

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