Chiapas is emerging as one of the best sources for rich tasting organic coffee.

The beautiful highlands of Chiapas is where Blue Tribe Coffee ventures in pursuit of what we think is some of the best coffee in the world.

These highlands are the perfect places to grow shade-grown coffee. Because the farmers have been growing natuatally for many generations, the shade provided for the coffee is not artificial but instead is bestowed by indigenous flora.

Chiapas coffee is considered throughout the world as one of the best blending Arabica High Shade Grown coffees. We buy directly from micro-lot farmers allowing them, their families and their communities to thrive. We do all our own processing after buying the raw, dried coffee.

All our coffee is organic and some is certified organic, Fair Trade and/or Rainforest Alliance. We provide assurance of origin and consistency in application of our quality control in order to prepare a product that will meet the requirements of the most demanding consumers.

All our green coffee is natural shade grown high altitude above 1100m and most of our coffee comes from Strict High Grown (SHG) areas above 1400m. We work only with Arabica beans of specialty quality with SCAA rating above 84, 90% of these beans are Arabica Tipica and the rest are Arabica Bourbon, Arabica Caturra and Arabica Catuai.

We also specialize in Arabica Máragogype, which is an extra large arabica bean of very high quality considered one of the best beans in the World. All our roasted selections are blended with Máragogype to improve aroma, body and control acidity.