What can I return?
If we send you different bags of coffee than what you ordered you may return the incorrect portion of your order.

When do items need to be returned by?
Incorrect orders must be returned within one week of arrival at your location.

Where does coffee need to be returned to?
Blue Tribe Coffee will provide necessary labels and address. These will be provided upon contacting us for returns or refunds.

How can I return items?
Blue Tribe Coffee will provide label and postage for returns. Returns will be done through the United States Postal Service (USPS). Returns can be taken to post office or given to your regular postman.

Who will pay for for returns? Is original shipping refunded?
Original shipping rates are not refundable because we will send you the correct bag(s) for your order. Blue Tribe Coffee pays for the return of the coffee.

Will I receive credit for returns?
Blue Tribe Coffee will send you the correct bag(s) of coffee per your order. Our customers don’t pay anything for our mistakes.

What about packing materials?
Preferable, but not required. Specific packing instructions will be emailed to you upon contacting us. This is because the labels will change depending on the packing materials available to you.