Ronald the Roaster
Ronald the Roaster

Meet Ron Tammekand, the master roaster behind every bag of Blue Tribe Coffee.

Ron owns and runs Blue Bag Coffee, which handles national (Mexico) and European sales.

Ron has been working in the coffee industry here in Chiapas for 13 years. During this time he has accumulated invaluable experience and contacts which help Blue Tribe Coffee bring you the best of Chiapas shade-grown, high-altitude coffee.

More about Ron from Ron himself:

I have a degree in nuclear physics and geology. I have a MSc. in Geophysics from Sydney, Australia and another in Business Admin from London.

I have lived in Mexico since 1979.

My tour includes finding copper mines in Africa. Mining the worlds richest U deposit Narablek, Australia. Finding the richest diamond mine in Canada and selling it to Debeers. Finding a gold mine in Mexico and selling it on the Vancouver stock exchange and building a Tuna Cannery in Mazatlan, while running an Art Gallery for 17 years.

Then I travelled the world for 12 years with a Mayan/Tibetan shamanic teacher and discovered. He is a healer, and taught me how to let go.

I have been to the higher initiation schools and they sent me into Coffee. I started with Blue Bottle Coffee in Oakland, CA, and took the idea to Chiapas. I have my own roaster and do everything myself. I studied with the Jaguar masters and learned a thing or two about coffee.