We strive to process and send your order as quickly as possible. If your order has not arrived ten days after you ordered it please contact us immediately.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding our shipping policy.

What do we ship?

Currently we only offer bags of coffee that contain 500 grams of roasted coffee.

When do we ship?

We normally process your order on the same business day and send your coffee the same or the next day. Please check the email you provided in your order information to find shipping information including the tracking number for the shipment. Most of our orders are received within 2-5 days after shipment.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t receive you’re coffee ten days after ordering please contact us immediately. There is most likely a shipping issue that needs to be resolved.

Where do we ship from?

We ship your order from one of two locations:

  1. San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico
  2. El Paso, Texas, USA

We offer shipping of any quantity of coffee to North America (USA, Mexico, Canada) and orders of three bags or more qualify for free shipping, but only withing the United States of America.

90% of our orders are mailed from El Paso, Texas. We mail directly from Chiapas, Mexico when there is order overflow or when supplies are limited in El Paso. No more than 10% of orders are shipped from Chiapas, Mexico.

We ship anywhere in the world for orders of three bags or more.

How do we ship?

Our primary shipping company is the United States Postal Service. Orders sent from Mexico are via FedEx International.

What are our shipping rates?

Inside the United States of America:

1 bag: $3.48 shipping fee
2 bags: $2.98 shipping fee
3 bags or more: FREE SHIPPING

International Rates:

Depends on destination country. For orders to Canada the average shipping cost is $20.00 USD. For exact rates please contact us.

How can I to track an order that’s been shipped?

Customers will receive an email with the information of the shipment, including tracking number.
In store pick up option?

We do not have a physical store location.

Can I recycle the coffee bag and other shipping materials?

Yes. You can recycle the bags we send the coffee in. Just be sure to remove the tin seal wire before recycling.